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Mark Anthony Garrett is one of the most compelling motivational and self-development speakers of our time. He has inspired audiences throughout the world with his electrifying high-energy speeches, seminars, trainings and life-coaching sessions. A successful businessman and leader, Mark is an international radio talk show host, educational consultant and author of Teachers are Heroes and S.E.R.V.I.C.E. is Everything!!! He is currently working on his third book, which is due out March 2016.


Mark has appeared on various radio shows and within numerous publications. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates, along with Forbes magazine. Mark was a featured guest on the Brian Tracy Show and is a leading columnist for Fostering Families Today magazine.

When I heard Mark Anthony Garrett present his Teachers Are Heroes message, I was totally blown away. I have been a conference planner for many years and Mark is one of the BEST SPEAKERS I’ve ever seen and one of the best at connecting with an audience. I was so impressed that I invited him to be the opening keynote speaker at our State Title One conference. I would highly recommend him to any school district who is looking for someone to inspire and recharge their educators.

– Bill Bogner, Title One Conference Facilitator, OAASFEP

Programs with Mark Anthony Garrett

         A Teacher was his HERO

As a former Special Needs Child, Mark Anthony Garrett’s life was inspired and transformed by a wonderful teacher who refused to let him fail and fall through the cracks.  Click here to watch this remarkable life-changing story of hope, belief and inspiration.

Foster Care Expert

Growing up in the foster care system and then later adopted, Mark Anthony Garrett experienced the devastation of mental, physical and sexual abuse. Like many of our youth in care today, he didn't trust or feel connected to others. After contemplating suicide at 19, something miraculous happened that forever changed his life.

Mark is a columnist for Fostering Families Today magazine, a leading national educational resource for foster families and Foster Care professionals.


Click on the magazine to read more about Mark's story of growing up in the Foster Care System and becoming a Motivational Speaker.

             Fostering Families TODAY

                                                                      Foster Youth Success Academy  (Coming Soon)

Books by Mark Anthony Garrett

Teachers Are Heroes is a magnificent message that reminds us of just how powerful and significant teachers are in this world. These heroes sacrifice and dedicate themselves day in and day out to insure that every child is successful in the classroom and in life. Learn More

                                                            Teachers Are Heroes

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